Creating a video in text shape effect in Adobe Premiere Pro is very simple. With 2 clicks you can create that effect without creating any additional assets like color mattes or shapes.

Just select the Type Tool, click the canvas (ok, timeline) once to create a graphic asset on the timeline. Then type your desired text.

Now go to the Effects panel, find and aplly the “Alpha Adjust” effect on the graphic asset above the video. Now check “invert alpha” and you’re done. You’ve got the video in text effect with 2 simple clicks.

If you just want to download the preset, just unlock the download button below and apply it as shown in the tutorial video.


Just import the Preset by right-clicking the Presets folder in the Effects Panel. Click the program monitor to create a new graphic asset on the timeline and apply the imported Preset “VCM_VideoINText_Preset”. You can change and adjust the style and size of the text. You could even animate the opacity to create an intro style effect.