So Brett Conti had the chance to get his hands on the Sony RX0 at a press event in New York City. He did get to test the RX0 hands on against a GoPro Hero5 he brought along.


As for the size both cameras are pretty much the same size and both are waterproof. As much as they look similar from the outside these 2 cameras are very different at the inside. The GoPro seems to be much easier to use, the RX0 does have much more options to adjust the camera. Sony was able to pack a ton of options into this little camera which makes it very versatile to use. Brett Conti states that the GoPro does have a much wider angle of views as the RX0 looks way more crisp due to the larger 1inch sensor. The reason why this camera also performs much better in low light compared to the GoPro. Expecially the low light shots in the video above looks totally different and that’s where the RX0 really shines.


Sony RX0 vs. GoPro – low light vs. outcoor action

In conclusion seems to be a little biased about the RX0 since he seems to be a GoPro fan and owns a Sony RX100 on top, with which this Vlog has been shot with. So if you already own a “real” actioncamera like a GoPro and use other cameras for Vlog videos, this might not look very useuful to you.

If you are looking for a very compact very feature rich and versatile camera the RX0 might be worth taking a closer look, since you are pretty much getting the performance of a high-end compact like the Sony RX100 in the palm of your hand.

What are your thoughts about this new camera concept? Does it make sense for the RX0 to be both, actioncamera and compact multipurpose camera at the same time? Do you consider buying this rather expensive camera?