Say Hi to Luki Link. The tiny little device that will turn your smartphone into both, a monitor and a live streaming device. If you are into mobile live streaming, you’ve probably looked at solutions like the Blackmagic Web Presenter , a great device compared to the bulky boards like a Tricaster but still not really mobile. Enter the Luki Link. A tiny little box that will make your live videography dreams come true. Check out the source below to see how it works. The project is still in crowdfunding state so if you want participate head over to Kickstarter to donate to the project.

Luki Link is convertig the HDMI Output of your camera into a .mp4 stream, which can then be viewed, recorded and broadcasted via the according app. In the app you are able to record the stream up to FullHD. It also comes with basic functions such as peaking. The 18 Mbit/second stream will be either recorded to your smartphone or broadcasted live to the give services such as Facebook, Yotube or Twitch. Probably not the best signal for a recording but it will definitely look decent in your live stream. But you’ll be able to turn your pro camera, such as the Canon C200 into a live monster with little effort. Of course you are limited to this one signal. For multiple cameras you’d need additional devices. Plus this won’t replace an Atomos Recorder, but if you are looking for a cheap monitor alternative and want to be able to stream your camera output live to the internet, this might be a very interesting solution for you. Oh and don’t forget to put your phone into airplane mode when you are live 😉

Started by Germany based filmmakers Lukas Schuler and Frank Glencairn the Luki Link is estimated at around 129 Euros. If you donate to the project you can get one for only 89 Euros. They already stated that an SDI version is being planned already. Expect the Luki Link to ship in october 2017.



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