Our first stop at the IBC 2017 was at the Aputure booth, where we did take a look at the 300D LED Light. Plus we got very lucky to witness the world premiere of the pocket LED Light Prototype “MX”.


300D – poweful single source light

The Aputure 300D comes with a magenta glass filter to add some correction to the LED light to correct the TLCI rating. 300 Watts of single source LED power in Aputure’s biggest light so far. It’s said to have a TLCI score of 98. With the remote you can control up to 50 units within the same channel. Of course you still get to use all your beloved modifiers on the bowens mount. The 300D is around 30% bigger than the 120D but about 3 times as powerful.

Little Big Light – The Aputure MX Prototype

All of a sudden Aputure Marketing Manger Ted Sim pulls out the prototype of the M9 successor (or rather the upgraded Pro version) ‘MX’ that he actually wasn’t supposed to show anybody (yet). This powerful tiny LED Panel is basically an entirely revamped version of the M9. It has got an internal battery that can be charged with any regualar cell phone charger. A aircraft grade aluminum built which is very solid. The MX is 5-times brighter than the M9 and can get an additional 40% with the all new boost mode. It’s bi-color so the color temperature can be changed without having to use any filters. Now you can mount the panel on a tripod with the built in thread.

Although this prototype is very light already due to it’s tiny form factor, Aputure is still developing the concept so it’s very likely to get a little lighter in the final version. Aputure has taken the feedback of M9 users into consideration when developing this new more professional version of the already very popular M9 pocket light.